How to rip "Rango" to iPad?  [Jul 27, 2011]

  • DVD "rango" also has a copy protection. Longo Mac DVD ripper has successfully remove the protection in it. User may make a perfect copy of it now. When ripping the DVD, please first make sure the following things:

    Longo Mac DVD Ripper helps you to rip rango to ipod, ipad, avi and other formats

    1) Your Longo Mac DVD Ripper is the latest version. You may click "about" menu on the toolbar to figure out the version number you're using.

    2) Your computer is connected to internet. Longo Mac DVD Ripper needs access the server to download the decryption files. And we found some anti-virus may block it to access the internet which will cause it failed to use the decryption file.

    3) Don't run other decrypters like dvd43, anydvd etc in the background. Longo Mac DVD Ripper can automatically deccrypt protection, those other decrypters may conflict with it.

  • Then you may follow the steps blow to rip "Rango" to the format you need.
  • 1) Insert the original DVD "Rango" to your DVD drive.

    After detect the DVD, Longo Mac DVD Ripper will list all the real titles of the DVD , you may choose the main title (always the longest one) to rip or choose them all to rip all. And you can check the "Hide Unselected Selection" option on the top to hide the unselected titles to get the interface clean.

  • 2) Choose a proper profile you need from the "Profiles" dropdown list.

    choose proper profiles for Longo Mac DVD Ripper

  • 3)Set the proper subtitles and audio tracks, then choose the destination you need to put the ripped files to.

    Longo Mac DVD Ripper sets the audio track, subtitles and destination for Thor

  • Finally, just click the "Longo Mac DVD Ripper starts ripping dvd Thor" button to start ripping, after a short time, you'll get the ripped files, you can transfer them to your portable device to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

    Longo Mac DVD Ripper starts ripping Thor

  • ****The Rango Storyline****

    The latest animated release from Nickelodeon Movies is also Gore Verbinski’s first film since concluding his Priates of Caribbean trilogy in 2007 with the underwhelming At World’s End. Through his work on the Pirates films, Verbinski earned positive buzz for his complicated, but still light-hearted, action set-pieces – as well as a reputation for (some misguided) attempts at simultaneously injecting darker themes and convoluted philosophical ideas into films that were intended as summer popcorn flicks.
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