How to copy Breaking Dawn DVD on Mac? [Jan 27, 2012]

  • Most movie fans must love "Twilight",  "New Moon" and "Eclipse" very much, as the Twilight Saga series movie is so circuitous and Longo dvd Copy copy twilight saga: breaking dawn part I to blank discs.suspenseful. What will happened with Bella? Will Bella married with Edward Cullen successfully? Will they live happily? We are so urgent to get results. Now, the fourth part Twilight Saga breaking dawn part I will be  available on Feb 11,2012. This part follows Bella and Edward as they get married and then learn that Bella has become pregnant.
  • As usual, this DVD also has protections protecting users to make copies of it. Longo Mac DVD Copy has fixed it at the first time as always did to let you copy Twilight Saga breaking dawn part I to  to make a perfect copy, so you never worry about any damage to the original DVDs.
  • Now, twilight saga: breaking dawn part I just displays in the cinema, and the DVD edition will be released in several days.
  • First , check if you used the latest version of Longo Mac DVD Copy, if not, just download the latest version below.
  • Second, close all other decrypters like AnyDVD, DVD43, they may conflict with our soft.
  • Then insert the DVD twilight saga: breaking dawn part I into your drive.  If you want to copy twilight saga: breaking dawn part I to your hard drive, please choose "Copy to Local Disk" . Or to burn twilight saga: breaking dawn part I to blank discs, choose "Clone the DVD". After that, choose proper copy mode, we provide two copy mode, full disc mode and main movie mode. To get exact same files with original DVD, just use full disc mode. Or only want the main content without the credits, you can use Main movie mode.
  • Finally,  start copying, Longo Mac DVD Copy will copy breaking Dawn quickly. After copying, you can enjoy the copied files on your computer or on your home DVD player at any time.
  • Although we fiexed many edition of this DVD, there may still some new edition we haven't met. If you met any problems when copying breaking Dawn, please keep the DVD in your drive, and click file->export ifo files on the menu bar, then attached the files to us, we'll fix it for you asap.
  • BTW, we also fixed the "Captain America","Thor","Insanity","Rango","True Grit" and some other new released dvds too.
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