About evaluation period

  • Longo DVD Software is distributed as shareware. You can try it for 10 times before you buy it. During this evaluation period, all software is of full function without any watermark or time limitation. If you want to continue using it beyond the evaluation period, you need pay a registration fee.
  • And all Longo DVD Software are for lifetime license, once you pay, you can use the softwares for lifetime and get lifetime supports via emails, no other payment needed anymore.

Mac Apps

  • Longo Mac DVD Ripper
  • 3.02
  • Oct 23, 2012
  • 4.01M
  • Click here to download Longo Mac DVD Ripper to rip DVDs to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, mp3, mp4, avi and other formats on Mac OS.
  • Mac OS 10.6, 10.7,10.8

How to install the software

  • For Mac Apps, after downloading, you will get a zip file, uncompress it, you will get a dwg file. Double-click the file,  and drag the app file to Applications center, then you can use it. You even don't need to install it, very simple.

How to upgrade

  • If you used an old version on your computer, you needn't uninstall the old version, just simply run the latest version over the older one. Doing this will retain your registration information. Note: you should close the old version first when upgrading.
  • While for some minor update you see on our news page, you don't need to reinstall, our program can automatically download the upgrade files and install them.